Consultation and Evaluation

You are as unique as your fingerprints. An Ayurvedic consultation provides the information necessary to achieve a complete analysis of your individual constitution. It is only through this important evaluation phase that an accurate picture of your health, both body and mind, can be determined.

A full Consultation and Evaluation is conducted in two separate visits.

The first visit includes lengthy questions and answers regarding past and present medical history as well as a physical examination which includes pulse reading. Knowledge gained from this evaluation process will help determine the most effective treatment for your health concerns.

The second visit presents a record of findings which will include a customized food plan for your individual constitution and a natural herbal program that will assist in restoring balance to your life.

Follow-Up Program

Ayurveda is a complete health science that includes proper diet per constitution, natural herb formulas, lifestyle counseling, meditation and Yoga practice as well as additional healing therapies. A Follow-up Ayurveda Program assures that you are equipped with the necessary tools and information to maintain your good health throughout a lifetime.

Ayurveda gives us the tools to live a long, healthy and sustainable life.

  • Life is composed of many elements.  If one aspect of life becomes imbalanced all others are affected.
    Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha